Item collection 49ad3239 9d57 4356 9215 7b3e904a6761

Fine silver wire crochet sapphire and pearls ring


Item collection cf6150ca 3a48 41b2 8807 f0d804e0ca0b

Silver wire knit and arrow head pendant with labradorites


Item collection 92f7f0ed e887 45ba 8aeb c85133163f69

Black bead loomed bracelet with colorful fringe


Item collection aca4f717 cf3f 45d7 8512 620c0c2bc582

Golden wire knit necklace with lampwork and lapislazuli


Item collection 043de8ae db51 4776 8ae8 ba3396946e7b

Wire crochet ring with garnet and rose quartz - Blooming of love


Item collection e690db33 4745 46b1 afaa 8779e059da7f

Bead woven bracelet with pearls and crystals


Item collection 88694454 4185 4ed1 bc4d cc1234719c1a

Silver wire crochet, moonstone and garnet pendant


Item collection 2f30982c 52f1 4b93 8216 5101320557f2

Fun earrings with lava, piggy, and seed beads


Item collection b6c07087 1537 4c7a 9abc 283d145f6534

Wire knit bangle with matte green and blue beads


Item collection 6c2c22c1 a8ea 439f a53c 904a6588a18e

Wire knit pendant with jasper and smoky quartz


Item collection c7e40e03 a275 4d4e 8165 f34d270f51d6

Bead loomed pendant white Unicorn with flying golden mane


Item collection 4b1b9c6f ec8c 4105 a258 ac0ef1481ebb

Wire crochet yarn basket pendant with glass cat and striped scarf


Item collection 4c702212 1fda 432f aa7a 18c02f8d8287

Bead loomed window pendant with pearls


Item collection f9a8007b f812 43eb a830 08ae151f7b53

Oxidized silver wire crochet pendant with apatite and pearl


Item collection c2be7c67 2387 489f 9fd5 fe112acd9ed4

Wire crochet ocean life pendant with lampwork fish


Item collection 8a084836 1a00 49a8 8ce6 e4fc59ddf554

Slim bead loomed bracelet with wave pattern


Item collection 2fa64045 91cc 44b7 9541 0e1a42f48034

Fine and sterling silver wire crochet flower ring with labradorite


Item collection 3f914fc5 9a8e 493d 8af2 60a13c2def2f

Beaded fringe earrings with dagger beads


Item collection 52227b9d ee5b 48d3 9747 eb9226b5624c

Modern bead loomed bracelet with O beads


Item collection 61ee26ba 9cfb 4535 9c5e bf8aa6f82457

Modern bead loomed triangle pendant with O beads


Item collection 0aeca37e eacf 4279 a6b8 b7f8399e4ac3

Wire crochet rope necklace with red, blue, and golden seed beads


Item collection 3f1782fd 90cb 4f84 8542 6218292ab2ef

Wire crochet bangle with red, blue, and golden seed beads


Item collection 3239f9d2 2037 4633 9de0 a1653d8e0456

Wire knit earrings with mother of pearl


Item collection 9cd48793 1983 4634 858f 376756905931

Wire crochet and knit collier with faux amber


Item collection 22e31832 2af1 46ca 8f28 b0e0db4db839

Bead loomed pendant rose with dew drops


Item collection 07b7ce3a 6d32 4186 9877 363ec511e91e

Silver wire crochet pendant with serpentine - Make my heart whole


Item collection ae2b816f fc94 4f03 8ca2 bcf9f2c31388

Colorful pink and blue bead loomed bracelet - Bollywood Bells


Item collection 44a0888b dc0a 4a23 a25c de38d7e5f348

Talavera inspired colorful bead loomed bracelet


Item collection 7f3237e3 8388 4298 966d 8654eba84b22

Wire knit pendant with cabochon and pearl


Item collection 342de815 7024 4c2a 88d6 261f4591b392

Bead loomed cuff with button and dagger beads


Item collection d8a9fe77 197e 43ce a486 e41ffdc6b7aa

Golden wire knit ring with garnets and pearls


Item collection ddb8bef7 08d0 4f00 9f87 9d707fda66f8

Hematite necklace with crystal filled netting


Item collection 555cae05 0a89 4974 89c5 b6dd3dc8b5da

Large wire woven octopus pendant with tumbled rock


Item collection 56d018f2 629a 4b1a 906b 3cf7980bcae3

Blue pearls silver bauble wire knit earrings


Item collection dc9c98bd aa08 42b6 b427 884a8e9e70fe

Black wire knit ring with quartz, agate and pearls


Item collection f56f0ad1 4450 46bf bd49 e3cf64934493

Sterling silver wire crochet and amethyst drop pendant


Item collection 4f462395 4d6d 4deb 87f1 d1858a2f58d9

Blue wire crochet disk earrings with dagger beads


Item collection 1e1d7766 144f 405b 9745 e01d885e5d0d

Loomed barrel and seed beads bracelet


Item collection 1db9dbf6 7ce2 4983 82d4 d07c19207ca6

Wire knit bracelet with tiger eye beads


Item collection 9784569b 971d 4ef7 84d6 730229db8b41

Bead loomed pendant mustached cat Dalicat - A HeatherCat


Item collection 30babb38 abe2 4422 ab93 11eca8ef3c47

Bead loomed feather pendant with rutile quartz


Item collection e1b25826 33a8 4563 8036 eb9e8f1c5925

Porcupine - Bead loomed dagger bracelet in blue and green


Item collection 682dcdb7 2456 4d12 92c1 109534c741f4

Wire crochet jasper pendant with desert scene


Item collection 3270bcda 5fa1 48b1 a911 b78b071de7e2

Wire crochet earrings with red, blue, and golden seed beads


Item collection 80a11bcf b2dd 4346 94d5 b883978cd149

Wire crochet rope and caramel lampwork necklace


Item collection b7c74447 2919 46fb 84e3 f6403c1914ef

Wire crochet yarn basket pendant with striped scarf


Item collection 7378accf e237 473e ac95 dea2e3a4b999

Silver wire crochet ring with frosted amethyst


Item collection b70ab124 d22f 43f5 a54d d31a63532350

Bead loomed color wheel pendant with gold tone tree and pearls


Item collection 516477f9 3831 4994 af30 d1e02b80f634

Beaded black feather pendant with labradorite


Item collection 6e601339 f130 4b2f aed2 4df41b79135d

Silver wire crochet ring with pearl and carnelian


Item collection 3b381e41 6f82 4527 8f7f f0d2f37c6e33

Silver wire knit necklace with red carnelian


Item collection 351a1cb4 6163 43c4 87a2 3148ff3c7105

Porcupine - Bead loomed rings with dagger and seed beads


Item collection d703622d 1fe8 4708 a7ac 6df255995425

Wire knit elements, seed beads and pearls necklace


Item collection 777def60 048f 4759 bef7 ae63ad4d28dd

Square silver wire knit earrings with pearls


Item collection e741ab22 0aa9 4167 9269 6e7ad07bdd35

Wire woven copper pendant with jasper and aventurine


Item collection 4c139715 ef98 43e0 bc60 bd3c20772ffe

Black bead loomed cuff with pink crystal channel


Item collection 3ee98782 e28b 439b 8ff6 c32e0e04f1a6

Sparkly slim wire crochet bracelet with crystals


Item collection 905f3bb5 b336 4bec 8bfa b19b9dbf986b

Wire woven gunmetal and gold pendant with lampwork


Item collection e2e76084 422a 4683 a4b7 7eac3c7b7584

Wire knit rope necklace with semiprecious rock cube filling


Item collection db15e4f4 6938 4fea 82a2 aee32b9496a6

Beaded black and white flower pendant


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!