Item collection 516477f9 3831 4994 af30 d1e02b80f634

Beaded black feather pendant with labradorite


Item collection d9087bb7 e150 444f a7ef 5a7dd02a4416

Fall colors Herringbone spiral necklace with loops


Item collection 6e601339 f130 4b2f aed2 4df41b79135d

Silver wire crochet ring with pearl and carnelian


Item collection 3b381e41 6f82 4527 8f7f f0d2f37c6e33

Silver wire knit necklace with red carnelian


Item collection 351a1cb4 6163 43c4 87a2 3148ff3c7105

Porcupine - Bead loomed rings with dagger and seed beads


Item collection d703622d 1fe8 4708 a7ac 6df255995425

Wire knit elements, seed beads and pearls necklace


Item collection 777def60 048f 4759 bef7 ae63ad4d28dd

Square silver wire knit earrings with pearls


Item collection e741ab22 0aa9 4167 9269 6e7ad07bdd35

Wire woven copper pendant with jasper and aventurine


Item collection 4c139715 ef98 43e0 bc60 bd3c20772ffe

Black bead loomed cuff with pink crystal channel


Item collection 3ee98782 e28b 439b 8ff6 c32e0e04f1a6

Sparkly slim wire crochet bracelet with crystals


Item collection 905f3bb5 b336 4bec 8bfa b19b9dbf986b

Wire woven gunmetal and gold pendant with lampwork


Item collection e2e76084 422a 4683 a4b7 7eac3c7b7584

Wire knit rope necklace with semiprecious rock cube filling


Item collection 24744772 af76 4ece b1d0 eee11ae61640

Lavender bead loomed bracelet with crystals


Item collection 7a669f8a 0f4e 478e adbb feb3a9335cd1

Black Gothic wire crochet necklace with red crystals


Item collection 261d6c62 1463 4b9b a42b 376daf58d1d0

Wire woven pendant with quartz rock


Item collection f0d711d2 8095 4d02 b3e4 6cdac3e8acee

Beaded bracelet from piggy and seed beads


Item collection 066125c9 b2d2 4d15 87b3 5ccd70e9cacd

Bead loomed portrait pendant Bela Lugosi as Dracula the Vampire


Item collection c95a788c e802 47de ae2d 39ea2db25e18

Olive wood and brown wire crochet pendant


Item collection f36eed57 9c77 4404 a631 0831df51bae3

Wire woven magic snake ring with amazonite


Item collection 13d80c38 c1a1 49cc b4d0 fa862ce4a6a1

Bead loomed portrait pendant Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster


Item collection b8118c0b 3eed 4745 998e 944ab09c2eb4

Wire knit and crystal blossom pendant


Item collection a963eb87 bdf0 4d83 b422 f186a984b38d

Silver wire knit bracelet with teal lampwork bead


Item collection 544eb3e0 2b9f 4599 ad87 1f9e87a4c575

Wire crochet and knit necklace with amazonite and shell


Item collection 102b216f c5d6 4391 ae77 9abfd54a6c66

Spike bauble wire knit ornament - Choose your color


Item collection 78ab038f 868b 49b3 ad56 f3654b3bf81f

Wire crochet yarn basket pendant with striped shawl and scissors


Item collection 6df55fae 61af 434d bb20 5fcaa03ee755

Fine silver wire crochet disk necklace with kyanite drops


Item collection f8e1634a 48c3 4de8 b09f 6939538fbafb

Unique wire crochet hand pendant with Chinese turquoise bead


Item collection 8a06cc7e 00b7 44a6 a84c 32f2727dbdba

Wire crochet rope bracelet with freshwater pearls


Item collection 10116534 fb83 485c 8905 843615d4e6a7

Beaded circle earrings with firepolished crystals


Item collection c0f1430f 999e 4ecc bc7f 8d22074dd428

Fine silver wire crochet musical clef pendant


Item collection aa58870d 1a2e 4269 b140 49cae5e29205

Wire crochet hand sculpture pendant with blue lampwork bead


Item collection 74b62b99 5a1b 4d05 8746 d4322a7cbdf7

Wire crochet rope lariat with freshwater pearls


Item collection b1b6af23 5849 4939 800e 8f41e6750156

Bead loomed movie portrait pendant Oliver Hardy


Item collection 6301fe4f e322 4320 aeb2 e4ae50e0f0e4

Geometric floor bead loomed bracelet in red, silver and gold


Item collection caa6917f 1a94 4bc5 9fb2 073fa72dda4d

Stone Canyon jasper wire knit pendant


Item collection c19100d7 1f14 4558 830f a84e54044811

Wire knit ring with Cantera opal and carnelian


Item collection 855911d6 e6d4 4ac3 8028 b6a5cf04e606

Wire knit trumpet flower earrings with tiny gemstones


Item collection 3ba433b1 3be1 44a5 aaa1 221058d6a4bf

Wire crochet hoop earrings with lampwork beads


Item collection ddd6ecd5 a3ab 43a1 93e2 199d7306c0a2

Beaded tassel earrings with rose beads and drops


Item collection 153b2eab c2b8 441e b7d0 10418c7a31c3

Bead loomed fall leaves earrings with crystals


Item collection a373843c afcb 4300 8657 3d6fc2946c34

Wide sparkly beaded crystal cuff with satin cord


Item collection 77e992cc 356c 4499 92e9 78472a81b912

Bead loomed bracelet - Wild leopard


Item collection 6d44b580 5eb8 4c40 b8a1 1a8fa43b1dc3

Yin Yang bead loomed pendant with glass cabochons


Item collection ba977eb9 162a 4401 ad6d 1a5a2946a16c

Large spike bauble wire knit earrings - Choose your color


Item collection 2b999227 a8e0 4cc4 95de d6f4a316dc70

Bead loomed movie portrait pendant Stan Laurel


Item collection 4e4a0654 0328 41b9 a90a 2bad615261b9

Lacy wire knit pendant with howlite and agate


Item collection 5bad0642 cc31 4114 a692 e8ecaf6809c0

Air Element bead loomed bracelet with white glass beads


Item collection cad34455 54c3 489d ab81 7c606f710d27

Water Element bead loomed bracelet with Biwa pearls


Item collection 42e08865 277a 4797 a6a9 ac041083850d

Wire crochet and lampwork miniature teddy wizard sculpture


Item collection b0b0dca2 83cb 45c6 97e6 3091bb36ac78

Little wire crochet pendant with freshwater pearl - Choose your color


Item collection 6b50955e 897d 4709 85cd e50ce0ede4bc

Wide warm golden double layer wire knit ring with Biwa pearls


Item collection aada4ab2 ef69 4cfa 9aeb e4d8aaafe770

Silver wire crochet musical clef pendant with pearl and peridots


Item collection 4c1e2e31 fe8d 4eff 92e8 2f108a5e85ce

Sunny Garden bead loomed bracelet with beaded flowers and lampwork sun


Item collection 857bb589 35d6 4c8f b540 c21dcac5cf07

Earth Element bead loomed bracelet with fossilized corals


Item collection f5ab34c7 fccd 41ee 9e1c 7e8bf9524e45

Beaded Bollywood necklace with Twin and seed beads


Item collection d846879d fd73 4548 8b2f 01c8b63402dd

Bead loomed cat bracelet Living life on the hedge - A HeatherCat


Item collection 9488d747 cdfc 4830 8423 9921085870a6

Bauble wire knit silver earrings with matte ice glass drops


Item collection 1499189e 9ebe 4744 a600 17ccd237e6ce

Silver wire crochet musical clef pendant with pearl


Item collection 2a93bc33 1987 4d81 b376 69d7c1f84cc9

Bead loomed movie portrait pendant Max Schreck as Nosferatu Count Orlok


Item collection 99c64988 9ae9 4604 a81f d89fa1494fec

Silver wire crochet drop pendant with blue lampwork bead


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!