Item collection 090ba68b 0f4a 4f59 b571 c783c024236a

Romantic wire knit agate pendant with freshwater pearls


Item collection e0754a66 403b 435a bf4e b11317523c9f

Bead loomed silhouette and full moon pendant


Item collection b1d3dc07 a958 419b 8cd2 d3d20c1fa40c

Blue wire knit bracelet with caged pink pearls


Item collection 88d5ba27 2bfa 4286 890f e04192c96c7a

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Purple Shell


Item collection cea8e46a f400 422d 93f3 9ba138cab372

Golden wire knit ring with faux amber cabochon


Item collection d04ce7cd 33e3 4af8 8a0d ddc2eecd0c90

Wire crochet bracelet with colorful glass drops


Item collection c58ebb22 ac54 4272 9c3a ecb7a33826a1

Long wire knit rope necklace with pearls and seed beads


Item collection 81b98760 1daf 403f bd75 980d12c0430e

Golden wire crochet and knit ring with lampwork implosion flower bead


Item collection c0ab0a42 e825 4115 9fef f8a040255802

Bead loomed sleeping vampire in coffin pendant


Item collection 290995db 415b 4792 949f eedab10ef8b1

Bead loomed black cat earrings - A HeatherCat


Item collection 5f74483c b846 4b39 903e b8b1c4783d03

Wire knit bracelet with blue glass cubes and lampwork button


Item collection 1576dd3e b32e 4052 9f0d 6278d02b7014

Split loom necklace bead loomed red and black Dark Cat - A HeatherCat


Item collection 6f0bae08 7d71 41d5 ba32 753cfa30d7fe

Wire knit pendant with red jasper and quartz cabochon


Item collection a006ec54 d76c 4123 8e2a c0794069bf11

Bead loomed cuff with wood bead fringe - Flower child


Item collection 8085b145 a3fa 4c41 9abd dd3d764bafe8

Long Herringbone spiral beaded rope necklace


Item collection 504ae5cc 03e5 4813 b057 d359c840e7fe

Wire crochet pendant with Mexican Crazy Lace agate on wire knit rope


Item collection 47469834 dc20 4198 a007 a9cebeff5bf9

Bead loomed pendant - Black cat in the window


Item collection c3db1d51 ab6a 4633 ab95 61a72b1b376e

Colorful wire crochet rope bangle - Pick your color


Item collection a6af531d da0f 45b5 8240 b1cb90306f44

Quartz egg wire crochet necklace with garnets


Item collection 2fcb128a 6b2a 4da0 84b6 60e8f36a014b

Bead loomed Mackintosh Glasgow rose Art Nouveau inspired pendant


Item collection 895a3fec 4006 47d8 8878 81a998756451

Elegant violet and golden wire knit double layer bracelet


Item collection 281ab472 8a70 4616 bbff bf01d5199279

Slim bead loomed snap and wrap pumpkin bead soup bracelet


Item collection cfb79609 7fcc 45a2 93b9 25980a06e0d2

Copper wire knit pendant with tiny caged shells


Item collection ee873666 157c 4a3a 8fb4 0c82787df191

Fine silver wire crochet ring with golden pearls and black spinels


Item collection 5eef630c 317c 4d61 b8ae 0bdae2dabe63

Bead loomed Pagan Wiccan pentacle symbol pendant


Item collection d3d03f10 1d6a 4b04 a2d8 89337ca1bcb8

Burgundy satin ribbon and golden bead loomed cuff


Item collection 028ab1e9 d35e 4ff2 ba6c 839970ec440b

Fine silver wire crochet cuff with pearls and spinels


Item collection b0e50897 9929 4962 9dde 182e84ee6a02

Silver wire crochet ring with onyx and peridot -Twist of luck


Item collection e5792e14 2969 467d 8569 7f73068de8fe

Bead loomed pendant - White cat in the window


Item collection 5456f473 5b96 4b46 afc8 51cb9994a29e

Bead loomed cat pendant Petcat - A HeatherCat


Item collection 223a85be f459 4516 8f2b eefd968ae95c

Lavender beaded lacy earrings


Item collection 2bdb0de2 f44a 4f19 894e 57bb2bd334ee

Fine silver wire crochet and faux amber ring - Dark honey


Item collection 991d5192 a151 47b9 a705 36a7edaed05b

Sterling silver wire crochet pendant with grey freshwater pearls


Item collection 30271dc2 d893 425a b962 41a42d515183

Silver wire knit flower ring with tourmalines and pearl - Spring dreams


Item collection dc5825ef 5b86 4a15 91e1 528176904c76

Wire crochet multi-use baskets - pick your color and size!


Item collection dbfdd549 c18b 47a2 95f0 9f14f523e1c4

Colored wire crochet basket pendant with yarn balls - Made to order


Item collection 7cc17543 4d00 4267 8b86 78970d8f8e9b

Wire knit Queen pendant with carved bone face and crystals


Item collection 288e7f3f 5d0d 447e b401 800d20d44a3a

Copper wire knit sun web pendant with faux amber and freshwater pearls


Item collection f923e73c 1c6f 431f abdf 991e49a27417

Unique creepy wire crochet eye pendant with lampwork bead


Item collection 6c20fb95 2ef9 4cac 89a5 20c4cc240d3a

Faux amber and fine silver wire knit pendant


Item collection d46c25b0 a3be 4bd3 9a77 9ce1bf8787aa

Wire crochet and crab agate pendant on spool knit rope


Item collection 4a5237e1 741d 415a b59c cd3194681981

Silver wire crochet pendant with striped lampwork - Caged zebra


Item collection f03cbe19 d52b 4996 8336 8746e8cc3eb8

Silver twisted wire knit necklace with blue pearls


Item collection 6e000f74 3ffa 4793 b710 8aaa9a5a8826

Silver wire knit earrings with rose quartz cabs


Item collection d6557d25 ce4e 49b3 ba3e 51faa344009c

Bead loomed slider necklace Egyptian Eye of Horus in blue and gold


Item collection 4c420cfc 7935 4d1b 81a7 2ac4404d3cc8

Bead loomed Art Nouveau flower pendant with crystal drop


Item collection 7446243c e768 42bd ba5a edba8830cc07

Bead loomed metallic peanut and seed beads cuff with scales - Dragon skin


Item collection a454f42c 360e 4abe b445 8aab18395fab

Silver wire crochet drop earrings with dangling green crystal drops


Item collection 2cea05f4 8068 42ed b81b 643c73a971cc

Colorful wire crochet rope necklace with seed beads - The Rainbow Fairies (choose a color)


Item collection dd867a3d bf42 46e1 b358 e6d28a0b5c37

Silver wire crochet and arrow head pendant with pearls


Item collection 915f3d3a 0b15 483e 920e 9e7d751c93b1

Wide warm gold copper tone wire knit cuff


Item collection 6bf65872 f94f 4b31 879e a635d5a0fa4b

Black wire knit and bugle decoration lips - pick a color


Item collection fbb4f1aa 6bbd 478d ad4d b8a14ce54445

Vintage inspired pattern blue and pewter bead loomed woven bracelet cuff


Item collection 20bee168 a56a 4649 b8b9 f100f9ed58a9

Fine silver wire crochet leaves and lampwork earrings - Silver cherries


Item collection 9327ada2 c181 45b7 8155 c3f1ea67588d

Fine silver wire knit earrings with faux amber cabochons


Item collection 1fa8854a 0a1b 4a1f 8f4c a41cfae05f1c

Fine silver wire crochet tree pendant with pearls and tourmalinated quartz


Item collection 82f400d7 09c0 40cf ba78 eefc35450f97

Silver wire knit earrings with black agate and amethyst


Item collection 9df2c943 fbc8 44e6 bed4 ff6e06262041

Black wire knit bangle with black and bronze cube beads


Item collection 0811cda1 a592 4d78 bf30 50bef4beddc4

Bead loomed white angel and black devil cat earrings


Item collection dd06b5b8 62bb 4d70 8df3 77edc9ff2ee3

Golden wire knit and crochet flower goodess necklace with pearls


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!