Item collection dd06b5b8 62bb 4d70 8df3 77edc9ff2ee3

Golden wire knit and crochet flower goodess necklace with pearls


Item collection 73231d85 39ef 4a32 a707 6e33dfd7e561

Porcelain jasper and pearls wire knit pendant


Item collection cd72aa00 0972 4953 a41b 22ea274c4e0e

Copper wire knit necklace with green aventurine and silver pearls


Item collection 9d50d7bb 3151 435f bb28 418e390cb7b5

Fine silver wire crochet pendant with garnets and lampwork


Item collection f1de45bf f888 48cb 8dd6 88c508da2bb9

Needle lace and wire crochet necklace with red lampwork - Copper cage


Item collection ba1afebe a56e 4c06 953d 3ee444751a6a

Multi-color wire crochet rope necklace with white freshwater pearls


Item collection 04a09819 c25a 4921 a505 669f6e9ccd74

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Green Rainbow Spike


Item collection 56d018f2 629a 4b1a 906b 3cf7980bcae3

Blue pearls silver bauble wire knit earrings


Item collection d0a7c4a0 448e 45f1 8f73 c3f048b6539b

Bead loomed geometric pattern bracelet - Indian Floor


Item collection f788da5b 06cf 4521 b06a 51167c49249e

Pink wire crochet pig sculpture - Henry the Pig


Item collection ee1b7e0c 0406 469f ac63 110a06493917

Wire crochet needle lace necklace with lampwork


Item collection ef6710ca 86ea 461c baac 0701e4f8f674

Fine silver wire knit ring with malachite and garnets


Item collection ec576cb1 df31 472c abef eea9d0ab5bea

Silver dome wire crochet ring with blue sapphires


Item collection 3fba3eff c2bc 4439 909f 117ba8a2c80d

Bead loomed loving cat pendant Lovecats - A HeatherCat


Item collection 2691c8e5 4409 446d b582 d57e9ee445bf

Long black wire knit necklace with white and red glass pearls


Item collection e6d86608 ac6d 4933 89ad fd8c08b4e2a0

Wide bead loomed cuff with rectangle pattern


Item collection 18508e2b 7cfe 4fc7 9f93 0b0c502b323f

Long colorful wire crochet loop and seed bead necklace - Confetti Loops


Item collection d81fa85b e61e 4732 82e8 c932fe222d93

Slim bead loomed snap and wrap pink and grey mod stripes bracelet


Item collection fca4c106 c38b 4481 b458 9dbedc1d5c2b

Silver crochet and rope necklace with faux amber cabochon in knit setting


Item collection 5d9fc0b3 43bd 4d6f a357 0c402fa32f43

Wide bead loomed fabric pattern bracelet - Argyle


Item collection 9d72b201 bd3d 4e72 80ee 467dec7cdf8a

Wide silver tone wire knit cuff with tanzanite crystals


Item collection f43ed295 7994 4dc5 8e45 cd89bbfe380b

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Golden metal scale


Item collection 50c20db0 a267 408c 86f8 c09efe9638ba

Wire knit bracelet with glass cubes and agate bead button


Item collection 77707f7d b453 4385 bdb4 7ca6ceb4af89

Bead loomed pendant Shadycat (pick your color) - A HeatherCat


Item collection 20cd0221 c401 495b a31b 827ed06f2eac

Long wire knit necklace with agate slice and seed beads


Item collection d0c09ce8 bfc7 4858 b03d 42f2b73ef352

Bead loomed Bollywood inspired bracelet


Item collection 05f3f307 30c1 49e0 8e05 f63660f7a7a0

Bead loomed geometric floor tile pendant with silver lined beads


Item collection bb2a8653 f907 4947 b313 802a74585e56

Bead loomed red and grey cat pendant Us Again - A HeatherCat


Item collection 095a8f0e 439f 462c 980f 785ab119134d

Wire crochet loop and seed bead bracelet - Confetti Loops


Item collection f1eb9c34 c453 4ef4 9f63 a47944011a27

Bead loomed cat bracelet Biskit's Bum - A HeatherCat (Made to order)


Item collection 04cbef09 3376 4ec2 b25f 065807b81533

Arrow head pendant in fine silver wire netting with amber


Item collection 16a9bafc 8c41 46fe b521 d22004afadd7

Slim bead loomed snap and wrap green, yellow and bead soup bracelet


Item collection 52dff8c8 b34d 4a14 8d99 4ca3ef74a0ed

Bead loomed cuff - Loops and fringe


Item collection 2e1efe6e 39e7 424e a7db d26250deb42b

Bead loomed pendant Lurking Cat - A HeatherCat


Item collection 39515d1a 47a0 499f 99fa 24132474a8f2

Wire crochet deepwater octopus pendant with lampwork - Hanging on Hank


Item collection 41afcc73 1166 4f1e 9488 f2ae4dedbb89

Beaded pink crystal and blue star pendant


Item collection 256489c6 bf2a 496c 9fad 7fac9f177318

Pink and golden wire knit collier with faux amber


Item collection 37078c75 f66e 4c15 af51 3441b2fe7ccf

Bead loomed pendant Black and White Cat - A HeatherCat


Item collection 5e336975 c0c2 4321 9101 2e42c7bee321

Wire crochet lariat with lampwork beads - choose your colors


Item collection 422c0f73 f700 47ed a0dc 9b21e9bb4027

Golden and brown wire crochet garden snail - Little Edie


Item collection 24d1f3e3 32ba 4a6a ae07 7e72d26d8996

Wire crochet owl pendant or sculpture - Mr Hoot


Item collection 63e1f397 cfea 4829 aca4 8f8ff999cfb5

Wire knit bracelet with red cubes and crystals


Item collection e68323fb 5fd8 48e2 a4cf 912d883fc931

Bead loomed cube cuff with garnet - Berries and cream


Item collection c274875f 9d0c 42cc ad1e 268bae16e732

Silver wire crochet pendant with amethyst - Caught in my heart


Item collection 3dee7053 0502 4087 9c55 f70f1b78cdde

Fine silver wire crochet garnet nugget ring - Blood drops


Item collection 83397838 58ae 4a43 b0e8 18d4fd865559

Wire knit ring with blue lace agate, pearls and mother of pearl


Item collection 32a5fb84 c9ef 4881 99bf cd44fca20125

Slim bead loomed teal snap and wrap bracelet with colorful dots


Item collection ae7e0b0d 7a27 45de 8ee1 1d753a1f7ec8

SALE! Bead loomed earrings - Choose your image


Item collection 11dd2311 52f8 4346 b22f 002a9ddd2f61

Wide light golden double layer wire knit ring - Made to order


Item collection 0fac140c a043 4315 b867 ca8dc963354a

Gunmetal copper wire crochet snake necklace with garnet eyes


Item collection 39e24e71 bf7f 4f17 8475 0f82ef6df70f

Beaded blue and gold set of earrings and necklace


Item collection c11a1859 8174 479f b3d3 4533963c16a1

Bead loomed lilac, purple and silver floor tile pendant


Item collection 1199ef02 f101 4e1d 98ee a272a39f42eb

Wire knit bangle with matte cube beads


Item collection de58ec29 eef9 4ed8 8cdf 91b0eb381272

Wire crochet and needle lace bracelet with tumbled rock


Item collection 7a0dd75c 8d24 4d01 989c e4e0ec2bfe66

Bead loomed bracelet with glass pearls - The Rain Cloud


Item collection 973fe433 00d3 4e00 92de e91de1da5996

Green wire crochet star earrings


Item collection 355b10d4 23db 4863 a598 95de4ee70b9f

Fine silver wire knit ring with faux amber - Spider web


Item collection 243fb382 a651 4833 afe0 71f066493dc2

Beaded dragon scale pendant - Green metal scale


Item collection 913e75f8 2bae 4268 bae9 c8cdc949bf24

Warm gold wire knit lips pendant with orange bugle beads


Item collection 8c8bf89e f48c 40aa 80ae 0eade610e619

Bead loomed kitten pendant - A HeatherKitten


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!