Item collection 77059c01 df77 4cd1 9c7e 27c53d374459

Long fine silver wire crochet drop earrings


Item collection d66b7ba3 8f31 4692 b63d 411ad3616091

Fine silver wire crochet drop with garnet, moonstone and lampwork


Item collection f276956c b31b 4780 8177 b5a2b6af9b18

Wire woven and crochet octopus necklace


Item collection aa727e52 d6fe 4aab 9e96 6dad3273b73a

Light golden ammonite wire woven and crochet necklace


Item collection 1fa8854a 0a1b 4a1f 8f4c a41cfae05f1c

Fine silver wire crochet tree pendant with pearls and tourmalinated quartz


Item collection dcab0ece 824f 4890 b302 ae364bf57a9a

Modern fine and sterling silver wire crochet ring with moss agate


Item collection ff3d3d08 d794 4e7a a6c2 84cac270d263

Fine silver wire crochet pendant with pearls and glass cabochon


Item collection b2104994 144f 42b2 b7c8 3221c9980acc

Silver wire crochet band ring with rhodolites


Item collection 05fcca09 8d9d 46b1 9957 6788434b8dd4

Wire crochet silver and blue sapphire star ring


Item collection b8eae4d6 dd03 4e5b bcc1 a53784035729

Wire crochet necklace with fossilized coral heart


Item collection 2532f058 fdce 4c52 a668 8c7f57da7406

Silver wire crochet hoop earrings with pink beads


Item collection a4a52b7e 5d0e 4e16 9588 51d000af9c4f

Wire knit and crochet Native Copper bracelet


Item collection 01fbdf54 f310 4fb6 9c0e 8c286906b1a6

Wire crochet and netted necklace with lampwork - Purple spring


Item collection e8afcbee 0346 4fd9 a6a7 7c52d19b270d

Wire knit and crochet necklace with black glass cabochons


Item collection 40b167b9 eab4 49ad 971d a1dbc8e95ddb

Silver wire crochet and yellow clay rose earrings


Item collection 0471497f 7ba6 4012 aca3 353aac3634a0

Colorful wire crochet bead necklace and bangle set


Item collection ae41f405 45da 43ef 83dd 3c9a5e66b2e6

Silver wire crochet lampwork and tiny bead necklace


Item collection 49ad3239 9d57 4356 9215 7b3e904a6761

Fine silver wire crochet sapphire and pearls ring


Item collection 88694454 4185 4ed1 bc4d cc1234719c1a

Silver wire crochet, moonstone and garnet pendant


Item collection 4b1b9c6f ec8c 4105 a258 ac0ef1481ebb

Wire crochet yarn basket pendant with glass cat and striped scarf


Item collection f9a8007b f812 43eb a830 08ae151f7b53

Oxidized silver wire crochet pendant with apatite and pearl


Item collection 2fa64045 91cc 44b7 9541 0e1a42f48034

Fine and sterling silver wire crochet flower ring with labradorite


Item collection 0aeca37e eacf 4279 a6b8 b7f8399e4ac3

Wire crochet rope necklace with red, blue, and golden seed beads


Item collection 3f1782fd 90cb 4f84 8542 6218292ab2ef

Wire crochet bangle with red, blue, and golden seed beads


Item collection 9cd48793 1983 4634 858f 376756905931

Wire crochet and knit collier with faux amber


Item collection 07b7ce3a 6d32 4186 9877 363ec511e91e

Silver wire crochet pendant with serpentine - Make my heart whole


Item collection 9d7350aa 59bf 4667 882e c159848545d0

Wire crochet basket earrings with yarn balls - Made to order


Item collection f56f0ad1 4450 46bf bd49 e3cf64934493

Sterling silver wire crochet and amethyst drop pendant


Item collection 682dcdb7 2456 4d12 92c1 109534c741f4

Wire crochet jasper pendant with desert scene


Item collection 3270bcda 5fa1 48b1 a911 b78b071de7e2

Wire crochet earrings with red, blue, and golden seed beads


Item collection 80a11bcf b2dd 4346 94d5 b883978cd149

Wire crochet rope and caramel lampwork necklace


Item collection b7c74447 2919 46fb 84e3 f6403c1914ef

Wire crochet yarn basket pendant with striped scarf


Item collection 7378accf e237 473e ac95 dea2e3a4b999

Silver wire crochet ring with frosted amethyst


Item collection 6e601339 f130 4b2f aed2 4df41b79135d

Silver wire crochet ring with pearl and carnelian


Item collection 3ee98782 e28b 439b 8ff6 c32e0e04f1a6

Sparkly slim wire crochet bracelet with crystals


Item collection 7a669f8a 0f4e 478e adbb feb3a9335cd1

Black Gothic wire crochet necklace with red crystals


Item collection c95a788c e802 47de ae2d 39ea2db25e18

Olive wood and brown wire crochet pendant


Item collection 544eb3e0 2b9f 4599 ad87 1f9e87a4c575

Wire crochet and knit necklace with amazonite and shell


Item collection 78ab038f 868b 49b3 ad56 f3654b3bf81f

Wire crochet yarn basket pendant with striped shawl and scissors


Item collection 6df55fae 61af 434d bb20 5fcaa03ee755

Fine silver wire crochet disk necklace with kyanite drops


Item collection f8e1634a 48c3 4de8 b09f 6939538fbafb

Unique wire crochet hand pendant with Chinese turquoise bead


Item collection 8a06cc7e 00b7 44a6 a84c 32f2727dbdba

Wire crochet rope bracelet with freshwater pearls


Item collection c0f1430f 999e 4ecc bc7f 8d22074dd428

Fine silver wire crochet musical clef pendant


Item collection aa58870d 1a2e 4269 b140 49cae5e29205

Wire crochet hand sculpture pendant with blue lampwork bead


Item collection 74b62b99 5a1b 4d05 8746 d4322a7cbdf7

Wire crochet rope lariat with freshwater pearls


Item collection 3ba433b1 3be1 44a5 aaa1 221058d6a4bf

Wire crochet hoop earrings with lampwork beads


Item collection 42e08865 277a 4797 a6a9 ac041083850d

Wire crochet and lampwork miniature teddy wizard sculpture


Item collection b0b0dca2 83cb 45c6 97e6 3091bb36ac78

Little wire crochet pendant with freshwater pearl - Choose your color


Item collection aada4ab2 ef69 4cfa 9aeb e4d8aaafe770

Silver wire crochet musical clef pendant with pearl and peridots


Item collection 1499189e 9ebe 4744 a600 17ccd237e6ce

Silver wire crochet musical clef pendant with pearl


Item collection 99c64988 9ae9 4604 a81f d89fa1494fec

Silver wire crochet drop pendant with blue lampwork bead


Item collection 4eb4ad25 8d7d 4ad0 afea ac11c704f4cd

Silver wire crochet bracelet with black and clear crystals stripes


Item collection 3dff8797 f130 460f bcf5 47a9e85a7390

Silver wire crochet ring with red goldstone beads


Item collection 52533293 aae8 4eb9 ab11 0f5df2c3390a

Tiger eye wire crochet pendant with garnets on spool knit ribbon rope


Item collection d04ce7cd 33e3 4af8 8a0d ddc2eecd0c90

Wire crochet bracelet with colorful glass drops


Item collection 504ae5cc 03e5 4813 b057 d359c840e7fe

Wire crochet pendant with Mexican Crazy Lace agate on wire knit rope


Item collection c3db1d51 ab6a 4633 ab95 61a72b1b376e

Colorful wire crochet rope bangle - Pick your color


Item collection a6af531d da0f 45b5 8240 b1cb90306f44

Quartz egg wire crochet necklace with garnets


Item collection ee873666 157c 4a3a 8fb4 0c82787df191

Fine silver wire crochet ring with golden pearls and black spinels


Item collection 028ab1e9 d35e 4ff2 ba6c 839970ec440b

Fine silver wire crochet cuff with pearls and spinels


Unique wire work or bead loomed jewelry and sculptures

Cat's Wire offers unique jewelry and sculptures crocheted, knitted or woven from wire or created on a bead loom.
Elegant, playful, sometimes a little crazy, but never boring!